Bayan Al-Inshaa for Real Estate Development

Bayan Al-Inshaa company for Real Estate development

Bayan is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia in the field of real estate development. We started in 2009, specializing in building residential villas and commercial buildings, as well as offering planning and real estate investment services, Bayan has high professionalism in the field, mainly specialized in developing residential and commercial properties for sale or investment purposes, Bayan uses a modern approach and modern technologies, to adhere with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s aspirations and vision in the real estate development field, In addition to its constant focus on creating exceptional opportunities for individuals and enabling them to own and invest in their residential and commercial units, also we care to comply with the local and international standards, to maintain a high quality of life in Saudi Arabia.

Our Projects

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About us


To be a trusted choice in the real estate development and investment field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by utilizing modern methods and adhering to international standards, we aim to create investment opportunities that benefit the country, as well as individuals, companies, and institutions seeking to make medium and long-term investments.


Keeping in step with the real estate market needs by utilizing modern methods and adhering to international standards to create more investment opportunities to enable all individuals and entities to make smart investments at a high level of professionalism, which maintain a high quality of life in Saudi Arabia and revive the real estate investments.


To be distinguished contributors in the real estate development, by raising efficiency, quality and creativity, and by ensuring the compliance with the highest international standards, aligned with the real estate renaissance and the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Our Services

Executing residential, administrative and commercial buildings.